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    Pozvánka k projektu Go Girl!

    Pozvánka k projektu Go Girl!

    Go Girl! – project description [english]

    Invitation for Go Girl! International Summer Camp

    Dear Sir and Madam,

    My name is Oliwia Zimniewska and I am a badminton coach working for Badmintonverband Rheinhessen-Pfalz in Germany.

    This year I started new project: Go Girl! Project made by girls for girls. Project is dedicated to girls in age group U13-U15. This year I planned to orgianize 3 events: Spring weekend workshop, Summer camp and Autumn weekend workshop. Our International Summer Camp got support from Badminton Europe, which will give financial support to all participating countries. They will provide shuttles as well.

    Unfortunately one of the countries drop out and I am looking for 3rd country to join that project. Please let me know if Czech Republic will be interested. Each country get 1000 euro support for sending players to camp. Prize without that support is 475 €. Each country can send up to 6 players and 1 coach. (if you send 6 players: 325 € per player plus costs of transport, 175 € for coach).

    Summer camp will be held in Elite Sport School in Kaiserslautern in Germany. Duration 20-27.07.2019. Level of players – regional team players and higher. Girls from Polish Badminton Association will join as well.

    Go Girl! Project made by girls for girls is a project dedicated to girls in puberty time. Our goal is to keep girls active, minimalize drop out from badminton in that age group. We work with mental coach, so during all our workshops and camps girls are participating in mental training. Project is open to all level girls, however during camp we would like to work with girls on minimum regional team level.

    My goal is to support girls in this confusing time of puberty, help them to go through it. We create safe environment, where girls are not afraid to ask questions and try new things and succeed. Through mental training, we show them how to achieve their goals, how to stay motivated and how to deal with their emotions. We want to show girls, that being healthy is the most important thing. And they can stay healthy, staying active. We want to raise girls’s self esteem and prepare them to be a leader in their environment. Our long term goal is to create supportive system for girls, so afterwards, we will increase amount of girls in badminton (as a player, as a coach, as an umpire, as sport manager, as physio etc.).

    I will lead the camp myself and I will create coaching team, adequate to amount of players comming. I hope to have a lot of inspiration from coaches who will come with players as well.

    Before I came to Germany, I was working for polish badminton club UKS Baranowo and UKS Orkan Przezmierowo, as well for regional association WOZBad. I was responsible for youth department there. Now I work as Projekttrainer for BVRP. My coaching education: I have finished Sport University in Poznan (MA degree), complete BWF courses (level 1 and 2), I am tutor for Shuttle time as well, and currently I passed B trainer exam in Germany.

    Language during camp: English, German, Polish.

    I hope to hear from you soon.

    Please let me know if Czech Republic is interested as soon as possible.

    Liebe Gruße

    Oliwia Zimniewska

    Projekttrainerin BVRP / BVR

    mobile: +4917634485181